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On my blogspot there are examples of my pen and ink drawings.  Unfortunately I can not master oil paintings due to a lack of patience.  If Da Vinci is the style required, just be aware of the many thin coatings that make up the image.

So I draw with my own style.  An assemblage of lines in many cases.  Sometimes I use ink brushes to fill the spaces. Right now I offer drawings strictly performed with SpeedBall brand pens.  These are ink well dipped pens.  Currently, an 8.5x11 inch drawing is $120.  These are on real watercolor paper.  Although thin tracing paper is allowed because the transparency adds a dimension to the image.  I sell well inked work.


I am in the school where the time ages question is to be taken seriously.  Why did the chicken do that?  The animal chicken was chosen to warn of our own form of thinking in the abstract.  Why would our own form be different?  So the answer is object/relation transform.  A road crossing is held to cause a state of object. Discovery of abstract crossing relation is completion of a learned fact.

I too spent 2 years reading Aristotle's works.  I identified the one page he gives you to learn his logical form.  From my examination there are five logic forms allowed. Predicate is the children's form.  Aristotle's form uses implication as an assumptive truth.  Russell's form is its own.  All Aristotle's works have one learning page.  People that read in predicate are very annoying.

I succeeded in identifying Aristotle's weight theory.  It is in "The Heavens" book. One Page and a paragraph to state the implication of weight, gravity.  Predicate commentator's on Aristotle's gravity are a sad state of affairs.


I received my BS in Radiological Sciences from the University of Lowell in Lowell Massachusetts in 1980.  I simply chose the best school teaching the health physics profession.  In 1975 they had a brand new nuclear reactor. And modern age programs to support the country's nuclear power industry.  I took a year off school to work as a health physics technician at several Yankee Atomic refueling outages.  Working 12 hour shifts added up and I spent a year sailboating the Florida Keys and Bahamas.  My target was Kingston, Jamaica, but that was to hard a journey for my little sailboat.

My first professional job was at Teledyne Isotopes.  This was an old fallout measurement lab bought by Teledyne's Singleton. I practiced basic health physics consulting work.  For maybe 2 weeks I was the worlds only HP practicing oil field radiotracer tagging.  These were not like Halliburton's well logging work. Think of hundreds of Curies of tracers sent down a field's injector well.  Production wells were sampled to help define the dynamics of the injection process.

My second job was as a radiation physicist at a Defense Nuclear Agency radiobiology laboratory.  Here was my first scientific work. Myself and a partner redefined nonlinear radioactive decay theory.  It was published in a Lab technical report on the decay of Rhodium 103m.  My second was on the "Starwars" project.  On the first open air series at Livermore's Advanced Test Accelerator I measured the off-axis radiation field.  The goal was simple, to provide MonteCarlo modelers a comparative set of data.


Here is an access portal webpage for Douglas M Eagleson.  I have a large interest area, Art, Science, Philosophy.  I am currently working as an opportunist.  I am not a large physicist because I have not mastered mathematics as a theorist must.  So I look experimentally at topics to read the references on.

I studied radioactive decay theory.  Written a modified DES (moddes)encryption application in java, located for download on the Hobbes website.  Written a blogspot detailing Plato's logical world vision.  Many examples of my pen and ink art is also contained.


The meaning of Plato's perspective of vision as analogy transform of logical form is explained.

Detailed Aristotle's weight theory. Gravity theory

Posted eight years of Platonic form physics theory on sci.physics usenet newsgroup.

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